Anori participates in Future Greenland 2022


On 17 and 18 May, Future Greenland 2022 will be held in Nuuk. The Greenland Chamber of Commerce hosts the largest networking event in Greenland. Anori finds it natural to participate, as we are both members of the Greenland Chamber of Commerce, but also to meet current and future partners. We at Anori believe that we can offer a new type of industry in Greenland, where we produce several different forms of energy. Renewable energy for the replacement of fossil fuels and preferably also for export. In this way, we at Anori can contribute to reducing imports to Greenland and increasing exports abroad. It will improve the entire Greenlandic economy. Anori’s versions and work will also be able to make Greenland less vulnerable to the troubled world that we are unfortunately experiencing at the moment.

On 19 May, Anori will participate in the extra seminar, where the Greenlandic business community will be able to bid on tasks that can be performed together with the military units that operate in the Arctic. Anori believes that we can and should help the bases in the Arctic to move from electricity production on fossil fuels to more forms of energy based on renewable energy.

We look forward to the days in Nuuk. Hope to see you.

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